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Yes Bank Share Price in 2010: Chart, Monthly Trends, & Analysis

Yes Bank Share Price in 2010: Chart, Monthly Trends, & Analysis
yes bank share price analysis

How did Yes Bank shares perform in 2010?

Let's find out!

Yes Bank share price in 2010 was ₹62.54 Its price on 1st January 2010 was ₹53.6, and by 31st December 2010 it moved to ₹62.54, giving a positive return of 16.67% for the year.

Yes Bank Share Open, High, Low, and Close prices for the Year 2010 are as follows:

1st Jan 2010Occured in Nov 2010Occured in Feb 201031st Dec 2010

This page will help you understand how Yes Bank performed in 2010. Let's get started.

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Table: Yes Bank Share Monthly Close, Low, High Prices for 2010

MonthYes BankChange%↑High - ↓Low

↑ ₹57.58

↓ ₹46.42


↑ ₹51.48

↓ ₹44.6


↑ ₹52.06

↓ ₹47.3


↑ ₹59.48

↓ ₹48.8


↑ ₹58.08

↓ ₹50.66


↑ ₹59.9

↓ ₹52.6


↑ ₹60.94

↓ ₹53.02


↑ ₹68.88

↓ ₹59.01


↑ ₹71.73

↓ ₹62.51


↑ ₹76

↓ ₹68.2


↑ ₹77.59

↓ ₹58


↑ ₹68.36

↓ ₹55.44

Chart: CandleStick and Line Chart Showing Monthly Prices

[Click on line name to show/hide a line]

What if You invested ₹10,000 in Yes Bank in 2010?

In 2010, the opening price of Yes Bank share was ₹53.60. Today, the price stands at ₹23.81, reflecting a growth of -55.58%. If we applying the same growth to your investment of ₹10,000 then, your investment of ₹10,000 in 2010 would have become ₹4,442.16 by 2024. This represents a CAGR of -5.63%.

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