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Yes Bank Dividend History From 2005 to 2024

Yes Bank Limited

Company LogoSymbol: YESBANK
Price: ₹23.95
Exchange: NSE
Financial Services -> Banks—Regional
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Updated: Fri 19 Apr 2024

The most recent dividend given by Yes Bank was of ₹0.3 with ex-dividend date of Thu, 24 Jun 2010. Yes Bank has given dividend 10 times in the past, you can find its complete dividend history in below table.

Yes Bank Yearly Dividends History Chart From 2005 to 2024

The chart above displays the annual sum of dividends of Yes Bank share for each year alongside the yearly dividend yield. This provides a clear view of the past dividend performance and its relative yield year over year.

For complete Yes Bank dividend history with ex-dividend dates check the below table.

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Yes Bank Dividends History Table From 2005 to 2024

Ex-DateDividendYieldStock Price
2019 Jun 03₹ 21.33%₹ 149.44
2018 Jun 04₹ 2.70.78%₹ 342.95
2017 May 29₹ 2.40.83%₹ 287.66
2016 May 30₹ 20.97%₹ 205.39
2015 May 21₹ 1.81.04%₹ 172.16
2014 May 29₹ 1.61.45%₹ 109.63
2013 May 23₹ 1.21.2%₹ 99.34
2012 Jul 05₹ 0.81.11%₹ 71.52
2011 Jun 17₹ 0.50.88%₹ 56.58
2010 Jun 24₹ 0.30.55%₹ 54.21

HOW MANY TIMES Yes Bank HAVE declared dividend?

In the past 19 years, Yes Bank has declared dividend 10 times, amounting to a total of ₹15.30 per share.

Yes Bank Dividend Analysis


In our analysis of all dividend-paying Indian stocks, Yes Bank holds a 687 no position. Specifically, it is ranked 687 among all dividend-paying stocks in terms of total dividend paid. For a detailed view of how Yes Bank compares with other companies, you can checkout the full list here: Top Dividend-Paying Indian Stocks Ranked by Total Dividend Paid.

Dividend Declared In This Calendar Year 2024

As of 19th Apr 2024, Yes Bank has not declare any dividend this calendar year (1st Jan, 2024 - 31st Dec 2024).

Dividend Declared In Last Calendar Year 2023

Yes Bank has not declare any dividend in the last calendar year (1st Jan, 2023 - 31st Dec 2023.

Dividend Declared in Current Financial Year

As of 19th Apr 2024, Yes Bank has not declare any dividend in the current financial year (1st Apr, 2024 - 31st Mar 2025)

Dividend Declared in Last Financial Year

Yes Bank has not declare any dividend in the last financial year (1st Apr, 2023 - 31st Mar 2024.

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