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Britannia Split History From 1990 to 2024

Britannia Industries Limited

Company LogoSymbol: BRITANNIA
Price: ₹5887.85
Exchange: NSE
Consumer Defensive -> Packaged Foods
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The most recent share split of Britannia occurred 6 years ago with ex-split date of Thu, 29 Nov 2018. Britannia has given split 2 times in the past, you can find its complete split history in below table.

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Britannia Split History Table From 1990 to 2024

Ex-Split DateRatioSummary
08-Sep-20101:51 Share converted to 5
29-Nov-20181:21 Share converted to 2

How Many Times Britannia Share Split?

In the past 34 years, Britannia share has been split 2 times. If you had purchased 1 share in 1990 then by 2024 after 2 splits your 1 share would be converted to 10 shares.

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