Tata Motors' Landmark Success: Hits All-Time High

01 Dec, 2023

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It moved from its 52 week low of ₹375.2 to ₹706.4 which is just ₹10.85 less than it 52 Week High of ₹717.25, giving a whopping 88.27% return in just 11 months and 5 days.

As of Thu, 01 Dec 2023, TATAMOTORS is just ₹10.5 less than the 52-Week High of ₹717.25. Lets find out what opportunities lies ahead for TATAMOTORS

The Golden Extension (161.8%) level of ₹929 offers a promising Exit Point, given the likelihood of a downward momentum from these levels as investors might start booking their profits at these levels.

The Golden Ratio (61.8%) retracement level of ₹505 offers a promising Entry Point, given the likelihood of a pullback from these levels as new investors might come in at these levels.

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited handles Tata Motors’ EV business.

In the first half of 2023, Tata Motors sold 340000 electric vehicles, capturing 72% of India’s 4-wheeler EV market.

According to Global NCAP, Tata Motors makes the safest cars in India.

Interesting Fact: Jaguar Land Rover Business is Owned by Tata Motors.